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Radio Aire Offers is a fantastic way of connecting our listeners with the very best businesses across West Yorkshire. This fast growing voucher website offers some of the region’s best deals for family attractions, spa days, beauty treatments and delicious restaurant vouchers and has thousands of members.

If you’re looking to increase footfall to your shop, attract more diners to your restaurant, generate new loyal customers as well as provide fantastic up-sell and repeat business opportunities, Radio Aire Offers would be an excellent platform.

The Benefits

Captivated Audience – The Radio Aire audience are people going about their daily lives consuming their favourite radio station and listening to their preferred presenters and music. Exposure to this audience gives your business the opportunity to talk directly to those who simply love hearing about local news and services. Over 126,000 tune in regularly because they trust the presenters and the information that the stations deliver. They’re loyal to our radio stations, each tuning in for an incredible 6 hours every week and they trust in our strong brands.

Customer Insights – We’re the local station for West Yorkshire and we understand what our listeners want to do and see around their city. We pride ourselves on championing local communities and delivering relevant local programming to unite listeners in the place they live. In the same way, Radio Aire Offers connects local people with the very best things to see, do and experience in their local area.

The Marketing and Promotional Mix

The marketing and advertising services you’ll receive are made up of the ideal combination of connections with our audiences:

Airtime - every Radio Aire Offers partner has a custom made radio commercial created by some of the top writers in the media industry. This commercial will be going out to over 126,000 listeners who tune in every week, it’s a great way of publicising your business across West Yorkshire.

Email marketing – your offer and your business will be advertised via regular newsletters to the Radio Aire Offers database.

Social media presence – We’ll communicate regularly with our 26,500 Facebook fans and 17,000 Twitter followers to advertise your deal.

Bespoke website feature - Your voucher will be promoted within the Radio Aire Offers website, it will have its very own page which will feature first class copy and multiple images of your offer to captivate and excite potential customers.

If you’re ready for new customers and great radio and digital exposure for your business, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact our Radio Aire Offers team on 0113 000 000

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