Bauer Academy at Radio Aire

  • Bauer Academy at Radio Aire

The Bauer Academy at Radio Aire helps people and businesses to grow.

With a network of training locations and media industry professionals across the UK, we offer fully funded, flexible, hands-on training for individuals from all walks of life, as well as tailor made, paid-for training for businesses.

Here are five things you should know about us:

1. The Academy’s values define how we work, teach and play... Let us show you how.

2. The Bauer Academy partners with various funders to deliver media based projects with an emphasis on developing employability skills. One of our largest projects is Cool Choices in Northern Ireland - My Cool Choices

3. The Academy is passionate about providing skills and talent development. We work closely with Creative Skillset to ensure opportunities are made accessible and diversity is promoted across creative industries. Step Inside was one of our biggest talent development programmes, providing hundreds of training places across England.

4. The Academy believes imagination is more important than knowledge and wherever possible we promote creativity. Our Be Somebody project, funded by Creative Scotland, is one of our biggest programmes to promote innovation and imagination.

5. The Academy’s ability to blend academic practice with vocational training means we are well placed to provide innovative training solutions for businesses. See more here.

For more information on the Academy, visit us at